Introducing- the SexWaldo!

The worlds first FULLY interactive remote sex system. Up to now only very simple web enabled devices that allow basic relay controlled on/off functions have been available, the SexWaldo gives the operator an unprecedented amount of control and interactivity. From a standard internet browser anywhere in the world a user can have physical interaction with a partner by controlling the speed, depth and even rhythm of the most advanced Sex Machine ever made.

*Waldo /wol'doh/ [Robert A. Heinlein's story "Waldo"] 1. A mechanical agent, such as a gripper arm, controlled by a human limb. When these were developed for the nuclear industry in the mid-1940s they were named after the invention described by Heinlein in the story, which he wrote in 1942. Now known by the more generic term "telefactoring", this technology is of intense interest to NASA for tasks like space station maintenance. - The Free Online Dictionary of Computing


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About the SexWaldo

The heart of the SexWaldo system is an linear magnetic drive motor. Unlike some sex machines that use heavy gears, belts and cranks to convert rotary motion to a rudimentary thrusting action the SexWaldo's drive is based on the same technology used to drive highspeed Mag-Lev "bullet" trains.

With only one moving part the SexWaldo is capable of the highest force and speed of any commercially available sex machine while at the same time being accurate to .005 of an inch. It can thrust at any depth between .005 and 8 inches, any speed up to 400 thrusts per minute and any motion curve. All of these variables are adjustable by the remote user from their browser while the machine is in motion.

With the current software revision (SexWaldo 1.0) the user can control the depth, speed and rhythm of the thrusting motion from a Java interface then see and hear the resulting action via a live streaming video feed.

With SexWaldo 2.0, scheduled for release in mid January the user has virtual control over the SexWaldo mapped directly to mouse movement. If the client moves their mouse forward an inch, the SexWaldo moves forward an inch- precisely duplicating the velocity and motion curve as if there was a physical linkage between the two. It's like holding the dildo in your own hand!


So the short version off all this is you get to fuck your favorite model over the Internet and watch the action from your computer. The only question is when?

SexWaldo sessions held approximately once a week. They are group chats, kind of a gang bang of sorts:-) All participants will get a turn at the controls in rotation, and get to chat with other members while hearing and seeing the SexWaldo in action via live streaming video. If you'd like join in then you'll need a Broadband conection and an active membership to or


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